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How to Use a 3 Barrel Curling Iron?

The primary use of a triple barrel waver, or iron, is to create waves in the hair.  If you are the type that likes making different wave styles, then this curling tool is for you. Based on the styling method and the barrel size, a triple barrel waver can be used in achieving loose, beachy waves, or tighter, retro crimp waves. In this piece, we will be discussing the tips for using triple barrel curling iron. Read on!

1. Choose The Right Triple Barrel Waver
 how to use 3 barrel crimperIf you want to get ideal 3 barrel waver hairstyles, the first step is to choose the right tool which is suitable for your short or long hair and the final hair look you want.  Follow the steps below to set up your triple barrel waver.
  • Select the correct barrel size

The style you end up making with your waver depends on the barrel size you set on the waver.  Start by identifying the type of style you want and then set a barrel size that can deliver the expected results.

If you are looking to have more natural hair appearance, you should go for medium or large barrels of 1 to 2 inches.  These sizes are perfect for making free-flowing or loose, beachy waves.

On the other hand, a retro or crimped appearance can be achieved with smaller barrels of sizes such as 3/8 to ½ inch or less.  Barrels of these sizes offer the perfect vintage look.

  • Select the correct barrel material

There are multiple material options in the setting, and selecting the right one is crucial to achieving the desired results.

The ceramic material option is right for fine to medium hair.  Do not use materials coated with ceramic; they can break off eventually.  Instead, go for 100% ceramic materials.  If your hair is coarse, titanium material option is the right option.  Lastly, tourmaline tools can make your hair less static and frizzed.  You can get tourmaline as layers on top of titanium or ceramic.

Summarily, only choose the material that suits your hair type best.

  • Check for multiple heat settings

A waver with a single heat setting may end up damaging your hair if it becomes too hot.  Thus, to avoid such, always settle for tools that offer a wide range of temperatures, or at least, low, medium, and high options. If your hair is thin and delicate, low temperatures are the best option.  Only thick or coarse hairs require medium to high temperatures. 


2. Setting Up Your Hair for Waving

After choosing the right 3 barrel crimper, the next step is to prepare your hair for curling.  Follow the steps below to achieve an adequately prepared hair:

  • Ensure that your hair is prepped before styling

When you prepare your hair and protect it before styling, you will get excellent results and healthier and finer hair. In the end.

  • Wash your hair

You don’t have to wash your hair on the same day you want to style; the best time to wash your hair in readiness for waving is a day or night before styling.  A freshly-washed air is not a prerequisite for a wavy hairstyle; some products make hair easier to work with for waving.  On the other hand, try as much as possible to dry your hair naturally rather than using a blow dryer. This protects your hair and keeps it healthier by reducing the amount of heat that reaches your hair.

  • Style only a dry hair

Your hair is weak when wet, and styling a wet hair may end up breaking or damaging the hair.  Blowing your hair dry or air drying are the two available options, whichever way you settle for, ensure that your hair is very dry before applying your triple barrel waver.

  • Use heat protection

You will find several creams, sprays, and serums in the market that are made to shield the hair from the severe effect of heat from styling tools.  Apply such products to your hair before styling prevents your hair from various damages.  If possible, use a product with a silicon-based – they preserve your hair shaft by creating a protective coating around it.

  • Apply a curl enhancer

When you apply curl enhancing products, your hair will hold the waves and curl better, and the curves appear intact and longer.  However, these products are best used before styling.

3. Styling Your Hair Proper
Styling your curlying HairYou have selected the right waving tool, and your hair has been prepped for styling.  The next is to style your hair. Follow these basic steps to style your hair properly:
  • Divide your hair

When your hair is in sections, you can focus on styling each section instead of doing it randomly.  To part your hair for styling, start by pulling the top half of the hair up, holding it in place with a ponytail holder or a large clip.  Then grab a one-inch section of hair and part the rest of the hair to the other side.  When you clip your hair as described, you can easily focus on the hair you want to style, without the other part disturbing you.

  • Wave

You can make a wave by placing the hot part of the barrel on the bottom of your hair and then clamping the triple barrel waver down at the top of that one-inch hair section you want to wave.  You should move further away from the base of the hair if you’re going to achieve a beachy, looser wave.  Conversely, if you set out to make vintage waves, you can start very close to the roots of the hair so far it doesn’t make you comfortable.

Once at the preferred spot, depending on your intended results, clamp and hold your waver down for about four or five seconds.  This creates the first wave.  If you keep the waver stationary in a spot for long – 4 to 5 seconds is fine, except the heat supply is not enough.

  • Keep the wave intact

After making the first wave, start moving down the hair at a pace of one-inch.  You can make a single long continuous wave by lining up the first barrel of the waver alongside the last indent you create in your hair.

When waving, continue from one side to the other, while working on a single one-inch at a time. To ensure that the styled section doesn’t disturb you, always keep it out of the way by pulling it over the shoulder.  Using a ponytail holder will only crumple the already-styled hair.  Finish up the bottom half before proceeding to the top section of the hair. Once you are done with the bottom section, un-clip the top half of the hair and continue with the same one-inch section at a time approach for the upper part.

  • Add the finishing touches

After styling the entire hair, complete the look by spraying lightly with hairspray.  If you want a more natural look, you can loosen the waves by running your fingers through them, or turn your head upside down while shaking your hair.

You can add extra texture by spraying a light mist of sea salt pray, after which you use your hands to rough up the waves a little.   In the case of a tight, retro wave, do not loosen or distort the waves; just apply a hairspray mist, and that’s all.


There you have it – a complete guide to using a three barrel waver to style your hair by waving. Remember that for a successful waving of your hair, you must have a silicone-based styling product (to protect your hair from excessive waves), hair clips, and dryer. Other vital materials include hair spray, holder spray or curl former, and a triple barrel waver.

Do you have any questions or you want to share your experience while trying the Triple Barrel Waver out?  Kindly use the Comments Section.

Good luck!

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