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What is The Difference between Ceramic and Titanium Flat Irons?

The flat irons are often called hair straightening irons and are basically designed to smooth and straighten hair. There is no escaping the fact that the flat irons are the best hair tool around to make your hair super sleek. It could come as a titanium or a ceramic plate. Titanium and ceramic flat irons are the two popular straighteners on every market.  They both have their peculiarities, but one is definitely preferred over the other.

The quest for achieving a super sleeky or curly hair has been one of the biggest reasons people love to own a flat iron. A decision on which one to go for, between the titanium or the ceramic flat iron may be a bit overwhelming. This post will open you up to the differences between the two and you will be able to pick which one is better for you. Now, let’s know Titanium VS Ceramic flat irons, which is better and why?

Titanium Flat IronPrivate Label Titanium Flat Irons

Talking of heat transfer,  titanium flat irons are much faster than the ceramic flat irons. A titanium flat iron can help achieve instant and superior result no matter the hair texture. They are made from titanium element from an igneous rock which is responsible for its durability, strength, lightweight, and strong heat conductivity. So, aside titanium flat iron being faster than its ceramic counterpart, it is also the most durable type of flat iron. A titanium flat iron is pretty much easy to handle due to its lightweight, which is a very important property to check for in a flat iron.

Titanium flat irons make use of infrared heater and negative ion technology. What this basically helps you in achieving is a shiny and well-hydrated hair. Its infrared heat property helps to seal in hair moisture, natural oils, thereby giving it a healthy, smooth and lustrous appearance. To eliminate frizz,  enhance hair shine,  give your hair more hydration,  you would want to choose a titanium flat iron for its negative ion technology.

Titanium flat irons are generally for professional use,  you will find a lot of hair stylist using it.  You can also opt to own it for your personal use, just be sure to understand how it is used to avoid getting your hair damage from its high heat generation.

Ceramic Flat Iron Ceramic Flat Irons

You should choose a ceramic flat iron over and over again for an even distribution of heat onto every hair stand. This type of flat iron heats up quickly and evenly, it glides through your hair without tugging or pulling.  These properties make the ceramic iron less damaging compared to titanium. A ceramic flat iron needs proper care as continuous dropping may lead to cracks which may cause the iron to snag your hair and lead to hair breakage.

Ceramics is best for amateurs, it’s quite safe for them to reduce the risk of burning their hair off. With ceramic,  you have no fear of burning damages. Its even burning property also means you have to do fewer passes on your hair. If what you are looking for a simple and less expensive flat iron,  then you should try ceramic.

To wrap it up,  titanium flat iron is considered the best to achieve a super smooth and shiny hair.  That is not to say ceramic flat iron won’t give you the same, but might not be as efficient as the titanium irons. For less hair damage, you should consider the ceramic flat iron. The most important thing is to understand what you need to be able to pick out what suits you best.

What is better titanium or ceramic flat iron? Hope this post can help you to get it.

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