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Custom Hair Styling Tools Manufacturing Process Guideline

Hair iron is a tool used to change the hair structure with the help of heat. There are three general types: curling iron used to make curly hair; Straighteners used to straighten hair; and crimpers, used to create wrinkles on your hair. With the rapid development of technology and the increasing demand for human resources, the manufacture of hair styling tools is a huge or technology-oriented industry, but even so, the manufacture of hair styling tools is a detailed process with different stages. Every production phase must be synchronized with each other to ensure that the final customer gets the product quality according to their requirements within the specified deadlines. This post will help you know the detailed processes of custom hair styling tools manufacturing.

Overview of hair styling tools manufacturing process

Before we talk to the hair styling tools manufacturing process, we have to show the Order Procedure. All the process depends on the order process, and change or adjust by them.

Well, gone are the days when the hair styling tools were made by artificial production. With the increasing demand the production needs to be on a large scale and thus most industrial manufacturing units have set up machines that help the production of hair styling tools on a large scale.

Although now we need to use the machine to produce hair styling tools, we can see in the previous commercial process that many processes are inseparable from manual applications, including the different stages of production, such as test records, packaging, quality inspection, etc.

Each and every one of the products is checked before reaching the final customer and to carry out carefully production, the manufacturing process of styling tools is equipped with high-tech machines that facilitate many tasks.

So how does the order process work?

As we know, electronics buyers have a wide variety of suppliers. You can do research and purchase hair styling tools in a store or online, with similar results, if you are looking to supply hair styling tools for outdoor, beauty school or bar shop, etc. Then it may be better to buy in bulk, the main risk in wholesale purchases is run into a scam and losing your money or financial information. Be sure to make your purchase based on both price and transaction security. Learn how to buy hair styling tools in bulk is very important for retailers, distributors, etc.

From the article “How to Start Your Own Flat Iron Line?” we have known the basic structures and materials of the flat iron, if you still haven’t read the post, we suggest you click it.

Based on the previous article, I trust you might have the candidate suppliers in your mind.

So let’s take a look at the ordering process for hair styling tools. Meanwhile, how are hair straightener manufactured in a factory will be elaborated. Now start to state the order process:

Note: The following is a perspective from the supplier detailed exposure hair styling tools for complete order processes for us.

  1. Receive the inquiry

At first, we would receive an inquiry about your purchase order, but we should remind buyers, if you want to your order smoother and quicker, the inquiry tends to contain:

  • Detailing what is wanted and providing the information the supplier (we) will need;
  • Left your contact info: Name, email address, the phone number is a necessity (email address is important, we received many inquiries, the email it doesn’t work or cannot be contacted, so please buyer left useful and Useful and often used email);
  • Describing the specific requirements for the products if you wanted;

Note: many buyers like to send an inquiry only motioned he/she like our products and show them the price list, I guess the reason for they never read our post and our descriptions for the products. In summary, we hope each buyer can read the main descriptions at the wholesale websites.

While receiving the inquiry, we would analysis the requirements, there are three common conditions:

  • Requirements are very clear and familiar with the products.
  • Tell us clearly what hair styling tools are interested in, ask for a quote
  • Indicates that we are interested in our products, request catalogs and price list.

Generally speaking, we are glad to reply the type one and type two, and answer the questions in detailed. From the former experiences, the transaction rates these kinds of inquiries are much larger than type three. So if you want to get the better response from supplier, we suggest you can detail what you wanted and providing the main information to the supplier.

  1. Analyze the requirements of client

  • Requirements of clients own brand name: clients only need to add their own brand on hair irons. (it have a certain Min. Order Quantity.)
  • Processing with client’s sample: Our clients provide us with the sample of hair iron, we need to figure out the expense of the mold, and then negotiate with the cost of the hair tools.
  • R&D of the new product: Client provides the research and design, also need to open mold, the following steps are the same.
  • Renovation of old products: some customer doesn’t like our old products; they want to change the parts of old flat iron or curling wand. In that time, we can adjust and modify the old mold.
  1. Enactment of scheme

For the previous step to customer requirements as well as details and customer negotiations, we will formulate implementation plans for customers’ orders. We can get the conductions from the last step, there are divided into three categories:

  • OEM Order (Original Equipment Manufacturer): Customers choose our existing styles, and customize the color, material, plug type, temperature display, and heating elements of the product, even custom your brand. From your customize requirements (Some requirements would be affected the Min. Order Quantity, such as special colors, special plug type, etc.) and your quantity, we would quote you a competitive price.
  • ODM Order (Original Design Manufacturer): This mode is to open the mold, which requires the customer or our manufacturer to provide product design drawings (original finished products are also available). Opening the mold need additional expense, the specific cost accounting and how to pay need to be negotiated by both parties. After open new mold, we would sample the hair styling tools according to their customized requirements. This step is the same as OEM; finally, we would send a quotation.

In summary, no matter what order method, you need to learn some knowledge of hair styling tools.

  1. Audit of client

We have been negotiating the details with customers, we need start to sample manufacture by client’s demands, then give us feedback, after confirming the final order details.

Meanwhile, our customers need to select the packaging (Customer’s own design or manufacturer’s offer), and then confirm.

  1. Prepare for materials

When the packaging and the hair irons sample are confirmed by customers, we need start to plan the schedule of bulk production, booking the materials for the order.

  1. Package into the warehouse

Before bulk production, we need package the materials of hair irons into a warehouse and work on the processing of some materials.

  1. Bulk production

Once the materials are ready, we arrange the mass production of hair styling tools. The production process is produced after a dozen processes such as Installing PTC heater, Assembling A side,  Assembling B side, Soldering the Power Cord, Fixing Axis, Semi-finished products,  Temperature Test, Screw fastener, Visual inspection & Functional testing,  Packaging, and etc. If you want to know detailed hair styling tools manufacturing process, please read the article-How Are Hair Straighteners Manufactured in A Factory?

8.Finished products

After the hair straighteners passed the strict quality control check, they are packed to be delivered to a specific client according to their requirements.  Packaging is equally important stage just like other steps of production. The following packing materials are checked. The customers can also order customized package material from a specified supplier. The hair straightener is packed neatly and checked for any packing issues before they are set for shipping.

The packaging custom designs are available to match the customer needs. The packing materials with different layout designs are often ordered by customers with specific needs.


After the hair straightener manufacturing and packing comes to an end, the final product is sent to the warehouse where it can be stored safely before they are transported. Shipping and delivery are important to make sure the final product reaches its destination on time. Many manufacturers hire reliable freights/cargo for shipment and delivery so that they guarantee timely and safe delivery to the end customer.

10. After-sales service

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