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How to Clean Hair Straighteners?

Nowadays, in order to save time and money, many people will choose to buy beauty tools to do their own modeling. Therefore, the hair straightener with simple operation has become the first choice for people. However, compared with the styling made by professionals, the effect of hair straightener is maintained for a shorter time, which means that you will use it frequently in daily life.

When using a hair straightener for styling, it is often necessary to apply various products to the hair, such as heat protectors and hair sprays. In other words, if you don’t clean it regularly, after a period of time, various products will accumulate on the hair straightener, and it will stick to your hair when you make the styling later, making the hair look dirty.

At the same time, too much product is covered on the heating plate, which will reduce the uniformity of heating of the hair straightener and prevent it from exerting the best performance. This means you can’t get the best results when straightening your hair, and it can also cause damage to your hair.

The most important thing is that regular cleaning of the hair straightener helps the heating plate reach a certain temperature in a short period of time and exert its best performance, thereby extending its service life.

From these three aspects, we can see that regular cleaning of hair straightener is necessary.

2. How to Clean Your Hair Straightener?

What to use to clean hair straightener

Alcohol, water, cotton swabs, cotton balls, toothbrushes, magic wipes, towels

Best way to clean hair straightener

After use, be sure to pull out the power of the straight board, place it on a heat-resistant mat to cool, and gently wipe the straight board with a slightly damp towel to remove the accumulation of hair gel and other hair care products. For some gaps that are easy to accumulate dirt, care should be taken to clean it carefully. You can use a cotton swab dipped in clean water to wipe the gaps out of reach. Note When cooling the hair straightener, it must be placed on a heat-resistant item to prevent damage to other items or even a dangerous situation.

After wiping the flat irons with a slightly damp towel, due to long-term frequent use, there will definitely be some stubborn stains to be removed. You can use a cotton ball dipped in alcohol or a magic wipe to gently scrub the stubborn stains, including the gaps between plastic and the heating plate that is easy to accumulate stains.

For the stains that have still not been removed, we usually need to apply a special cleaning agent, apply it to the heating plate, and at the same time heat the hair straightener to the appropriate temperature (usually, the lowest level is enough), and then use a wet towel, or use a magic wipe or a cotton ball dipped in alcohol to gently scrub. With the help of relaxants and heat, it helps loosen the stubborn stains on the hair straightener, thus reducing the difficulty of cleaning. In this process, care should be taken to heat the heating plate to a suitable temperature, so as not to get burned. If there are no stubborn stains, the step of heating the hair straightener can be omitted for safety.

If you can’t find alcohol during daily cleaning of your hair straightener, you can also choose to use baking soda, lemon juice, or acetone instead of alcohol. The cleaning effect is also good. The wiping of hair straightener should be applied with even force to ensure that the heating plate will not be damaged. After cleaning, be sure to wipe the hair straightener dry, or use a hairdryer to dry it to avoid damage caused by water entering the product. Do not immerse the hair straightener in water during cleaning, otherwise, it will permanently fail. In daily life, we often clean beauty tools such as makeup brushes regularly, but often neglect the regular cleaning and maintenance of the hair straightener. As everyone knows, for hair, a clean hair straightener is also a critical step for hair care. The heating plates that are cleaned regularly can help you make beautiful looks, reduce damage to your hair, and make your hair look smoother and silkier.

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The above are some suggestions about how to clean a hair straightener. Regular cleaning for hair straightener is beneficial for its better performance and longer service life. I hope this article is helpful to you. You are also welcome to share other tips for cleaning the straightening plate.


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