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Best Hair Straightener Manufacturers of 2021

The role of manufacturers is important in successfully developing your hair straightener business. Their contributions are crucial in producing specific design straighteners to meet both you and the end-users’ expectations. However, not all flat iron manufacturers are reliable to produce high-quality goods as they first promised, which will make you and customers down and also suffer added costs and lost time. When choosing a good manufacturer for your hair straighteners business, you need to spend much time to make sure you’ve chosen a reliable straightener manufacturer.You should take many factors into account from quality to budget, delivery date, and mode of transportation.

Here are some top straightener manufacturers in 2020 collected through careful consideration, and we hope it will be helpful for you to make a decision.

1. Dongguan Hongsen Hairdressing Equipment Technology Co., Ltd.


Dongguan Hongsen Hairdressing Equipment Technology CO., LTD. is a high-tech hair straightener manufacturer integrating Research &Development, design, production, and marketing in the field of hair tools of its own brand. Since its establishment in 2008, Hongsen private hair tools manufacturer has a professional team, advanced equipment, and strong Research & Development capabilities, which has helped the production and sales promotion business for many clients successfully.

Outstanding Advantages of the Straightener Manufacturer:

  • Perfect Services

Hongsen private label flat iron manufacturer provides 24 hours of online service, which will give the clients an instant answer.

  • High-Quality Straighteners

Hongsen has vigorous requirements towards straighteners’ quality and specifications, and each straightener will be thoroughly tested before delivered to clients. Hongsen straighteners are approved by professional accreditation in this industry.

  • Advanced Equipment

Hongsen flat irons manufacturer possesses first-class workshops, production equipment, and favorable operating conditions.

  • Competitive Price

Hongsen has its own producing department which reduces its manufacturing cost greatly. So it can offer a competitive price for clients who want to buy hair straighteners in large quantities.



If you are looking for a good hair straightener manufacturers for a long cooperation, then SHENZHEN FASHION BEAUTY TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD will be a preference for you.

Founded in 2004, Shenzhen Fashion Beauty Technology Co., Ltd. is a specialized hair straightener manufacturer with a high reputation in this industry. Specialized in smart design, advanced technology, and high quality, this company has been cooperating with many renowned hair straightener brands, beauty industry professionals, and import traders across the world. Their distinguished clients come from many areas, including the Mid-east countries, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Turkey, United Kingdom, Russia, Italy, Germany, Japan, South Korea, the USA, etc.
Shenzhen Fashion Beauty Technology Co., Ltd. has its own Mold Department, Injection Department, Design Team, and Research & Development, Team. Their straighteners are tested and approved by all kinds of certification and their own strict Quality Control process. They also have various types of inspecting machines to guarantee qualified straighteners. At the same time, the company is also pursuing constant innovation. Their straighteners adopt much-advanced technology that keeps the straightener at the optimum styling temperature, so every time you will get a glossy hairstyle. With improved heat sensors that distribute heat evenly across each strand of your hair, hair straighteners made by the company can decrease your hair damage to a large extent.

Outstanding Advantages of the Straightener Manufacturer:

  • Safety Feature

A great safety feature of its hair straighteners is the automatic sleep mode which turns the hair straighteners off if they are left unused for 30 minutes.

  • Advanced Technology

Adopt ceramic heat technology that keeps the straightener at the optimum styling temperature, so every time you will get a glossy hairstyle. With improved heat sensors that distribute heat evenly across each strand of your hair and decrease hair damage to a large extent.

  • Smart design

The round barrel design of the straightener makes it convenient to straighten your hair without pulling or snagging.

  • Advanced Manufacturing Equipment

Their hair straightener has complete mold maker equipment, inspection, and monitoring equipment, an assembly line, with quality and an impeccable appearance.

3. GELOON Electronic Co. Ltd.


Founded in 2008, GELOON Electronic Co. Ltd, owned and managed by the Western, is one of China’s leading Hair Tools Manufacturers and has a private label flat iron manufacturer. The company is committed to good design and quality and has complete turnkey solutions. Geloon is well-known for its innovative designs, high-quality straighteners, and impeccable pre-and-after sales services.

Geloon specializes in producing different types of hair tools, like basic flat irons, hairdryers and etc. When they purchase source components from a third party manufacturer, only experienced and proven suppliers will be considered, whose components are in line with clients’ high standards. It also has good experience to manufacture custom hair tools in accordance with the client’s different needs. In the manufacturing process, it has a strict inspection system in its factory to ensure hair tools’ quality and makes great efforts to prohibit inferior hair tools to leave the factory.
Since its foundation, Geloon has worked with over 50 famous brands, from retail and wholesale distribution markets to salon professionals. Geloon has spent a lot of time figuring out the demands of their clients and end-users, so it has rich experience in producing hair straighteners whether design, quality, and assembly.

Outstanding Advantages of the Straightener Manufacturer:

  • Negative Iron Technology

During the styling, the negative iron technology will make your hair looks glossy, smooth, and soft as silk. As a result of this technology, accumulated positive or static ions in your hair will be neutralized by negative irons released by the straighteners.

  • Ceramic Tourmaline Coated Plate

Ceramic tourmaline coated plate can distribute heat to your hair effectively and evenly, in order to lock the cuticle layers and make a beautiful styling.

  • Dual Voltage

The dual voltage of GELOON flat irons makes great convenience to customers which allows them to use their hair straighteners in many places.

  • Automatic Safety Cut-off

Embedded an intelligent microprocessor in the GELOON straighteners, so they have higher safety performance than other manufacturers’ goods. Once you forget a straightener on a few times, it will cut off power automatically.

4. Taizhou Yunsung Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd.


Established in 1986, Taizhou Yunsung Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. is the manufacturer of electronic and electric appliances, mainly manufacturing hair tools like hair straighteners and hair dryers, etc. It acquired foreign trade import and export license in 1995, then began to expand its straighteners business all over the world. In the next few years, the company added some new assembly lines and obtained many international system certifications, and its export volume of Yunsung straighteners increased a lot compared with the first period.

With advanced technology and equipment as well as a specialized team, the company has won a good reputation by many professionals in this industry. YUNSUANG electric hair straighteners have a high requirement for quality and professional technology all the time. Under the strict control of each department, it provides high-quality hair straighteners for the vast consumer groups and hairdressing professionals across the world.

Outstanding Advantages of the Straightener Manufacturer:

  • Advanced Manufacture Equipment

Possessed with complete mold manufacturer equipment, checkout, and monitoring equipment, and assembly line, Yunsung hair straighteners have quality and an impeccable appearance.

  • Professional Team

Yunsung professional team always apply themselves to innovative research and development in order to pursue excellence.

  • Wide Service Area

Taizhou Yunsung Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. has a wide service area that covers most countries and regions all over the world. No matter where you are, the company will provide you complete and professional services. The company adheres to the principle of customer first and quality priority, and you will establish favorable cooperation with it.



YOUMAIJA is a professional company combining Research & Development, manufacture, design, and sales of hair straighteners. The company sticks to the principle of “people first, fashion by technology” and the goal of “co-innovation and win-win results”. Confronted with the changeable market situation, YOUMAIJA has always pursuing innovation and developing good relationships with clients all over the world. By virtue of superior quality, credit, high efficiency, YOUMAIJA has made great achievements in this industry over the past years.

YOUMAIJA manufacture plant is located in Shenzhen, the manufacturing center of the world. Thanks to regional advantage, the company outshines other opponents in sourcing qualified raw materials, precision components, and accessories.

Outstanding Advantages of the Straightener Manufacturer:

  • OEM & ODM Service (original equipment manufacturer & original design manufacturer)

YOUMAIJA can produce straighteners in accordance with the client’s customized demands from function to specification, color to package, and so forth.

  • Superior Quality

YOUMAIJA will manufacture straighteners in strict accordance with clients’ specific requirements. All flat irons will pass vigorous inspection before they go out. So the quality of the straightener can be guaranteed and you can place an order without hesitation.

  • Competitive Price

YOUMAIJA can offer favorable order price if you place a large order. You need to notice that if your order is less than 1,000 pieces, only the logo and package can be customized.

The above are the 5 hair straightener manufacturers that we have carefully selected. They have their own advantages in product quality, design, and price. I hope it will be useful to you.

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