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How To Curl Hair With A Flat Iron?

Every time you want a super smooth and sleek hair,  you grab your flat irons. Who would think that same hair tool can help you achieve a perfect curl. Flat irons steak are a versatile hair tool that can perform more than just hair straightening. You can save yourself the extra expense of buying a hair curling tool. All you need to get a gorgeous bouncy and full curl is to learn the simple trick to doing it right. Now, Let’s learn how to curl hair with straightener iron.


Step1: Clean and dry your hair

Make sure to start with clean hair.  Dirty hair won’t hold for long. You should also dry your short or long hair if you want any curl at all. Wet hair won’t curl either would damp hair curl. If you plan to blow dry your hair first,  you should use mousse, it will give it an extra volume that will prevent it from appearing too flat as you curl it.

Step2: Prep your hair with a heat protector

Anytime you are using a flat iron curls on your hair,  it is important that you do not skip prepping your hair with a heat protector. It goes a long way in protecting your hair from damage. Spray a heat protectant on your hair all the way down to the root. This creates a protective barrier between your hair and the iron. Distribute evenly to the tip of your hair and on every strand. 

Step3: Divide your hair up into workable sections

Instead of attacking the whole thing at once,  it will be much easier if you divide your hair up into sections.  This will allow you to work through it easily and effectively and also give you a better luck with curling.

Step4: Create tension with the flat iron by pulling and twisting at your hair

For a bouncy and admirable curl, you have to create just the perfect amount of tension by pulling or dragging your hair. Just like the ribbon and scissors concept. With the curling flat iron underneath your hair,  twirl your wrist while holding your hair with your other hand as you make the twist. This way you are turning the best flat iron and not the hair.

Step5: Work your way up your hairline

You wouldn’t want your curls starting at the end or just at the tip of your hair. For a perfect curling tools, work the small flat iron up your hair. Work closely to the top of your head. Make sure you keep moving with the hair straightening iron,  this prevents burn damages.

Step6: Turn the iron straightener in full turns to achieve more pronounced curls

To achieve complete and more pronounced curls,  rotate the hot flat iron in full turns instead of half turns. In doing this,  make sure to be consistent to avoid the curls going in the wrong direction.

Step7: Finishing touch

Now you’ve got a perfect curl with a flat iron. Slightly brush your hair or use your fingers to work into the curls to achieve a desired bouncy curl.  If you want looser curls,  tousle your hair with your fingers to get more volume. For more hold,  spray your hair with a light mist hairspray to maintain your curls throughout the day.

The flat iron as a versatile hair tool can help you achieve a desirable voluminous and bouncy curl while saving you more money! If you’re running a hair styling tools business and you want to wholesale hair straighteners, please feel free to contact Hongsen private label flat irons manufacturer now!

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