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What Is The Best Flat Iron For Professionals?

Hair straightener is a low-cost, easy-to-use, and commonly used small hairdressing appliance. The method of purchase is not complicated. But in the face of all kinds of hair straighteners on the market, what is the best flat iron for professionals? Let me share with you the main points of choosing a best hair straightener.
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1、Hair Straightener Plate Materials

According to the different materials of the heating plate, the good hair straightener can be divided into pure ceramic heating plates, aluminum plates with ceramic coating on the surface, titanium plate, and electroplating plate.

  • Pure Ceramic Plate:

Environmental protection, good insulation performance, good safety, the disadvantage is that the processing cycle is long, the processing links are many, and because the edges are difficult to handle and are very smooth, the hair will be slightly pulled and it is very difficult to straighten the hair. Fragile and so on.

  • Ceramic Coating Plate:

Compared with pure ceramic plates, ceramic coating ones is easier to produce. As they are mechanically formed, there is no problem with the edges handling, so they are also widely used in electric splints. The glaze is a thin layer of glass covering the surface of ceramics and enamel. It has characteristics similar to glass, impervious to water, smooth and shiny, and not easy to stain. The ceramic coating plate has a disadvantage, that is, due to the use of metal, it is necessary to insulate the internal heating element, otherwise, it may cause safety hazards of leakage.

  • Titanium Plate:

It works in alloys at high temperatures and in seawater, and its edge corrodes acidic stainless steel; it is particularly strong in pitting and corrosion. It has excellent corrosion resistance to alkali, chloride, chlorine organic matter, agriculture, ozone, etc.

  • Electroplating(tourmaline) Plate:

Electroplating is to deposit a metal coating on the substrate to change the surface properties or dimensions of the raw materials. To give metal luster and beauty, to prevent rust, to prevent abrasion, to improve electrical conductivity, lubricity, strength, heat resistance, weather resistance, heat treatment to prevent carburization, nitriding, size error or wear parts repair.

  • Hair straightener plate types are:

wide plate(1.5 inches to 1.75 inches)

medium Plate( 1 inch)

small plate(1/2 inch), curved plate, concave-convex plate, special-shaped plate, and mini plate.

2、Heating Element

  • PTC:

The full name is Positive Temperature Coefficient, which is composed of PTC ceramic heating components and corrugated aluminum strips through high-temperature bonding. The PTC heater has the advantages of low thermal resistance and high heat exchange efficiency. It is an electric heater with automatic constant temperature and power saving. One of its outstanding features is its safety performance. In any application, it will not produce “redness” on the surface of electric heating tube heaters, which may cause burns, fires, and other safety hazards.

  • MCH

The full name is Metal Ceramic Heater, MCH ceramic heating element uses alumina ceramics, which is a new type of high-efficiency, environmentally friendly, and energy-saving ceramic heating element with built-in electric heating wire.

Compared with PTC ceramic heating element, it can save 20~30% electric energy under the same heating effect.

Structural principle: oxidation with high thermal conductivity A new type of heating element is formed by using aluminum ceramic as the base body and heat-resistant and refractory metal as the internal electrode to form a heating circuit, which is co-fired at a high temperature of 1600°C through a series of special processes.

Main advantages: The surface of the product is not charged, and the working process is isolated from water and electricity; the ceramic base material is not easy to scale during use; small volume, high power density, fast heating speed, high thermal efficiency; good safety, the heating circuit is sealed in the ceramic and insulated Withstand voltage without breakdown; long service life, the average life span is ≥10000 hours; the product has good acid and alkali resistance; the power is stable during the use of the product, and the power will not be attenuated in the long-term use; it does not contain harmful substances and meets the ROHS requirements; the product can withstand dry burning.

Main disadvantages: complicated production process and high cost. Note for MCH heating element: due to the fast heating speed, attention needs to be paid to prevent scalding. Generally speaking, MCH is more environmentally friendly than PTC, it got higher thermal efficiency and longer service life.

3、Hair straightener function classification

  • Infrared :

Infrared heat technology penetrates your hair at a lower temperature, drying it from the inside out. This approach is much healthier for your hair in the long-term. Traditional hair dryers blast heat to evaporate water on the surface of hair. Rather than frying your hair on the outside, infrared thoroughly penetrates strands for a smooth blowout and healthy finish.

  • Ions :

Ions are particles that exist in all objects of nature and are electrically charged. When brushing our hair, with the friction of the brush, we charge our hair of positive static electricity. All our hair is charged with the same polarity (+) and for that reason, as with the magnets, they repel causing a great frizz.

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4、According to different power sources, hair straighteners are divided into wired hair straighteners and wireless rechargeable hair straighteners

  • A wired hair straightener is a hair straightener that is powered by a plug inserted into a socket. The advantages of this type of hair straightener: more power, short waiting time for heating, and quick temperature recovery. Disadvantages: Need to have an outlet power supply nearby for power supply.
  • The wireless rechargeable hair straightener uses a charger to charge a rechargeable battery, using the battery as a power source. Advantages of this type of hair straightener: no need to have a power supply nearby, you can perform hairdressing anytime and anywhere.

5、Best Flat Iron For Professionals

eramic coating hair straightener
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Multi-size ceramic coating hair straightener with MCH heater
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Titanium hair straightener with PTC heater
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Titanium hair straightener with PTC heater
Best Flat Iron

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