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Can You Bring A Hair Straightener On A Plane?


A hair straightener is a valuable appliance many of you would like to use in your daily routine. However, you may need clarification regarding its travel by plane. The most asked query is, can you bring a hair straightener on a plane? To answer your query, you have to read this blog thoroughly. 

Can you bring a hair straightener on a plane?

A hair straightener is something you cannot imagine your life without it. Those who are a fan of styling their hair indeed know its importance. Also, it is an expensive yet affordable hair appliance, but you would always be reluctant to its frequent purchases. Similarly, buying a new one isn’t wise when you get used to your straightener. Traveling always drags you to a complex situation where carrying the straightener to a distant place is challenging. 
Most of you know you must follow strict discipline while traveling on planes. Airport management has a set of rules about what products passengers can carry and what they cannot. Similarly, they have dedicated the products you could carry in the checked luggage and carry-on. Further, you get an answer about how to carry the straightener with you.
Every airline has different rules you must follow when traveling with them. So, to carry a straightener, do check their guidelines. Can you take hair straighteners on a plane? To answer it, consider which flight you are taking. Policies are different if you opt for a local or international flight. The guidelines help you in packing the product with safety precautions. 
Let’s now see how you can take it in the carry-on bags.

Can you put a straightener in your carry on?

A carry-on luggage bag is a bag that you can carry along with you to the airplanes. So when you think of carrying a hair straightener, then it is tricky. The first thought that triggers you to decide whether to carry a straightener is airport security. If you doubt the product, you should take it to the security checkup before checking in. They will ensure that the product you are carrying is safe for travel. 
Similarly, a carry-on is a small size given by the staff. Can you bring a hair straightener on a plane carry-on will always help you decide about traveling with it. You can place the product safely on the flight without stressing over it. But remember to pack it properly so it doesn’t get scratched or damaged. You can place it between your clothes or whatever stuff you carry. Carry-on luggage is always with you on the entire flight. Therefore, it removes your fear of leaving your product in the cargo or losing it at the airport. Thus, you can take a chance to style your hair at a holiday destination. 

Are hair straighteners allowed in carry ons – the requirements? 

Do you have to follow some requirements offered by airport security? As you know, a carry-on or a hand carry comes with a specific size and weight. You cannot exceed its weight or size. So, make sure; your straightener is no bigger than the size of your hand-carry bag. The straightener in carry ons should fit in properly. 
People often show carelessness toward the handling of the flat iron. For instance, they usually pack the hot iron in bags immediately after using it. This action of theirs can burn the other products packed in the bag. Or even can burn your hand. Refrain from doing such kind of actions. Cool the straightener before packing it in the bag. 

Can you bring a hair straightener on a plane in checked bags?

A checked-in luggage is the one that you take with you to leave at the airport. You don’t have to carry it on the plane with you. Then, the airport staff would pack it in an unapproachable place from passengers, a cargo. If you place your hair straightener in that luggage, read the guideline instructions provided by your airline. The luggage would undergo screening many times, and so will your straightener. 
Keep in mind the staff can do multiple screenings and inspections. Keeping in the carry-on rather than the checked luggage is better. The reason is the frequent inspection which can even result in taking out the straightener numerous times. There is always a risk associated with it. Although, it is allowed to carry the straightener. But they could perform the checking task again if they found something suspecting in the bag. This action might damage the product and be quite frustrating for you. Repacking your stuff again while ensuring the safety of a straightener is a challenge. 
The airport security staff will restrict you from bringing the cordless butane-operated flat irons on the plane. If you secretly place it in your bags, they can easily find it through a screening facility. Can you bring flat irons on a plane? It is answered through the guidelines regarding the checked bags to carry the flat iron. 


Checked bags are larger than the carry-ons. You should keep room for the placement of the straightener. Remember to keep it in between products to provide it with a cushion. The best way to pack it is with clothes. The fabric is soft, preventing the flat iron from displacing from its position. Similarly, it reduces the chances of your straightener undergoing accidental knocking with other hard surfaces. 
However, make sure you keep the flat iron at the top of the luggage so that it is accessible to the checking staff at the airport. Keep the leads or cords in separate packing and the iron separately. Further, add a protective casing to the straightener. It could be a heat-protective sleeve bag that prevents heat from spreading to other objects. 

The types of hair straighteners you could carry on planes

A hair straightener comes in two types, cordless and cord iron. So the rules differ for both of the types. You can carry this hair appliance with you on the plane. Similarly, you can place a flat iron in carry on or even checked luggage. The problem occurs when you need help understanding carrying cordless and cord flat iron. So, if you carry the straightener with a cord, feel free to carry it. But what if you have a cordless one?
The cordless flat irons usually have butane cartridges, and some are battery-operated. Mostly cannot take both of these due to strict restrictions. However, you will come across different rules due to different countries and their airline preferences. There are many risks associated with the butane cartridges’ hair straighteners. These can easily catch fire or encounter accidents during the flights. For the battery-operated straightener, you might find different laws. 
Can you bring a hair straightener on a plane carry-on? Yes, but do consult the authorities of airlines for the proper guidance to the airline. That is because some airlines only allow you to carry it in carry-on bags. At the same time, others recommend you avoid carrying them. 

Requirements for cordless

What to do if you are allowed to carry a cordless straightener? Place the straightener in thermal-resistant packaging to prevent any damage. Also, you can take off the batteries if it includes. Keep the batteries in some protective bag or casing. The removal of batteries ensures that the appliance doesn’t power on accidentally. Similarly, it protects the batteries from exploding. 

What about carrying a hair straightener on domestic flights and international fights?

Can you bring a hair straightener on a plane? This query frequently pops into your mind. The answer is yes, but complicated when traveling domestically or internationally. According to the airport security rule, every airline has different regulations. The permit to carry it on international or domestic flights depends on the laws.

– International flights

Are hair straighteners allowed in checked baggage? You commonly ask when boarding an international flight. Yes, you can take it along, but are there any significant concerns regarding the appliance’s safety? Nobody wants to purchase a new straightener on their trip abroad. That’s because it’s an expensive product and you don’t have to buy another one if you already have one. Your international trip could become tedious if you cannot carry your straightener. Let’s see how much guidance you can get about your query here. 
International flights could be long flights. You might have to switch to different flights in different countries. Indeed, one must undergo many security transits, multiple screenings, and numerous checks for the luggage. Your luggage gets checked at every transit, which can be frustrating to experience. The staff could take out your straightener at different security checkups.
Sometimes, countries have different policies that clash with your country’s policies. Hence, it depends on the rules and regulations. So, whenever traveling internationally with a flat iron, check every relevant instruction. If you still need the answers to your query, contact the international airlines. 

– Domestic flights

When you travel domestically, you will face fewer restrictions. That’s because the flight duration is smaller than the international flights. Also, the country follows the same policies of carrying flat iron. So, taking your straightener to whichever place you want makes it more accessible. Before visiting the airport, visit your airline page and view their guidelines. 


Can you bring a hair straightener on a plane? Local and international passengers randomly ask about it. This blog is a complete source of guidance about the query. Also, you can clear most of the doubts related to it. 


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