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How to Use Flat Iron For Men’s Hair Styling

It is very easy to use flat iron for men’s hair. However, men should know the right way to use the flat iron. If you are a guy and want to keep your hair straight, you need to learn the correct method of hair straightening through a flat iron. It has been considered a touchy subject for men because most men are not involved in using flat iron due to a lack of knowledge.

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The flat iron is linked with women mostly because they have long hair compared to men, and it is easy to use a flat iron on long hair rather than short hair.

You should know that Men can use flat iron effectively if they know a step-by-step approach for it. You have to keep all the important things in mind to get the hair appearance of your desire.

Using a flat iron can be tricky sometimes, but if you know how to hold it correctly, you can make use of it significantly. It also depends on the flat iron type because it plays an important role in men’s hair. There are many types of flat irons for men’s hair available in the market. It would help if you went for that to make things more specific for yourself.

Step-by-step guide on how to use flat Iron for men’s hair: Everything you need to know

It is very important to know the correct method of using a flat iron on men’s hair. You should know all the steps, and they should be correctly followed if you want effective results for your hair. We will discuss some of the main steps you should keep in mind before using a flat iron on Men’s hair.

1.    Prepare your hair for heat.

The first step is preparing your hair for taking the heat of flat iron. You need to wash your hair because it should be cleaned and perfectly washed. Apply moisturizer and conditioner on your hair to appear smoother, and flat iron will work effectively on it.

wash hair

You should wash and moisturize your hair one hour before using a flat iron on your hair. This way, you are here will be less prone to damage due to heat. You can apply different hair masks during your cleaning process because the whole concept is to make your hair smoother and clean.

2.    Dry your hair after cleaning them

You have to keep in mind that you cannot use a flat iron on wet or damp hair. It can damage you here at a greater level. It would help if you were vigilant about drying your hair before applying flat iron to it. Most men have shorter hair which is why they can also cause damage to their scalp. This problem can be avoided if the hair is perfectly dried after you clean them.

dry your hair

3.    Use thermal protection serum.

If you are here, they are dry, and they are prone to damage caused by heat. You have to take this protective step for extra protection.

Thermal protection serums are easily available in the market. You can also get them online because investing in your here will benefit you in many ways. Before using the flat iron, you should spare thermal protection serum on your hair and scalp to avoid any risk of getting them damaged.

4.    Plugin the flat iron and wait for it to heat up

It is also important to know that you have to wait for the flat iron to heat up. Do not use flat iron on your hair without having a certain temperature on it. When the flat iron is perfectly heated, you can get smooth and straight hair within no time.

However, if it is not properly heated, you can mess up your hair and the flat iron as well. You have to switch it on and wait for a specific time to provide an effective time to get heat up.

5.    Blow-dry your hair

It is also important to blow dry hair because it will make your hair smooth and well set for getting straight. This way you can get the result of your desire. Blow dry can also keep you here in a specific direction in which you want them to stay during all the time of any occasion or casually.

Blow-dry your hair

 It is an important step of flat ironing your hair, especially if you are a man. It will provide you with the perfect grip on your hair which will make it easier for you to use a straight iron on it.

6.    Separate your hair into sections

After blow-drying, you have to separate your hair into several sections because flat ironing small sections of your hair will make them look perfect and smooth.

Separate your hair into sections (1)
  • It is recommended to make sections in your hair by combing them because it is going to flat iron your hair in a very appealing way.
  • It is easier to do for men having a little longer hair; however, it can also be done in shorter here if you know the proper technique for it.

You should know how to make use of your comb.

7.    Place the straightener close to the roots.

It does not look good if half of your hair straight and the other half is still in the original form. You should place your flat iron close to the roots so that it can provide a straightening effect to all of your hair. You should be very careful about the scalp as the flat iron should not touch your scalp because it can cause a burn.

8.    Clamp the flat iron in a downward motion

You should keep a firm grip on the flat iron and move it in the downward direction. This will leave your hair straight from root to tip.

 You can apply the flat iron to the same region of the hair if you are not satisfied with the straightening effect. However, do not overheat your hair as it can cause damage. After straightening your hair, you should apply a setting spray on your hair to keep them in the shape of your desire for the entire day.

 Final Remarks:

Men need to know the correct way of straightening their hair by using a flat iron. Step by step guide is given for the men so that it can easy for them to make use of the flat iron.

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