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2021 Hair Color Trends

Are you thinking about getting a new look this year? Well, look no further. You are in the right spot that has the latest hair color trends to give you the transformation you deserve. This list covers various 2021 hair color trends from simple and elegant design to vibrant flashy options.

And that’s not all; there are exclusive hair color ideas just for you. These are summer 2021 hair color trends. So if your hair color plays a major role in your summer mood, well dive in and get perfect options that suit you. In Addition, there are also hair color ideas for winter or all-year-round hair color ideas.

That said, the following are some of the best and latest 2021 hair color trends. Take your time and you will find the right hair color 2021 for a female that matches your personality.

  • Black Diamond

Black Diamond is a hair color trend that never fails to impress. It often pops up in the list of trendy hair colors each year. If you are those who love to express power and control, this color suits you. And that’s not all; it’s also a symbol of elegance and glamour. 

Black Diamond

Further, the natural appearance of this color seems to complement nearly all skin types. It brings out the rich tones on dark skins while delivering the snow-white charm on a lighter skin complexion. For best results, choose black and glossy shades.

  • Amethyst

Are you searching for an exciting and fun shade? Then Amethyst should be your color of choice. It has more to offer than the ordinary pink hues we are used to. It offers a balance between vigor and finesse. It comes out bold but still displays some elements of tenderness. So if you want to give Amethyst a try, know you will be drifting towards the warmer violet. Also, complete bleaching of your hair is necessary to attain this.

  • Sand Tropez

It’s an amazing pick among the summer 2021 hair color trends. This style leaves your hair with a beach vibe enough to boost your summer mood. It’s a perfect mixture of two worlds, the gold, and the ash. And the amazing bit is that it belongs to neither of them hence the name Sand Tropez. To add a touch of dimensional effects, you can combine mid-lights and highlights for the best result.

Sand Tropez
  • Chunky Highlights

First noticed last year among the 2020 hair color trends is Chunky Highlights. It dates back decades ago but rising in fame once more. According to hair designers and colorists, expect to see more of this hair color trend in 2021. It’s a fine hair color style that fits nearly all ranges of hair colors.

Chunky Highlights
  • Tie-dye

This is a perfect hair color trend if you are in a party mood. It comes out flashy and colorful depicting happy moments and excitements. To get this look, start by dying your hair into ash blonde. Thereafter, incorporate rainbow highlights to bring out the vibrancy of flashiness that depicts excitement.


It’s also a great look if you want an all-in-one package when it comes to hair color trends. With this style, you are free to be creative. Don’t forget neon hues if you won’t lighten up the mood further.

  • Almond Edges

While summer is relatively far, it’s not a bad idea to embrace the warmer season earlier with Almond Edges. This hair color idea is amongst the top options that are rocking like the best pick for the summer 2021 hair color trends. Expect to see various shades of almond and walnut among others highlighting brunette hair this coming summer.

Almond Edges
  • Blonde Balayage

It’s tough to switch to blonde completely. But if you are itchy over wanting to try it, then go ahead. To get a seamless transition that brings out the natural color and texture, then pick various blonde shades. Ensure the highlights cuts across your hair from the roots and along the various section of your hair. Also, you can look into various Blonde Balayage ideas to pick the best style.

Blonde Balayage
  • Brown Balayage

Delicate highlights on your hair color are one of the seamless ways of refreshing your look. They deliver an explosion of style and beauty without being too bold. Thanks to Brown Balayage, you can attain that great hair color that fits everyone’s style. To attain the striking dimensional pattern, ask your hair designer or colorist to employ various shades of brown across your hair. This will deliver a natural look.

Brown Balayage
  • Dark Chocolate

If you want to keep it simple, then dark chocolate hair color is an amazing pick in 2021. It blends well with various skin tones and complements almost all dressing styles. Further, it’s one of the amazing color trends if you are into DIY projects.


As long as you have the dye ready, you can give your hair a quick transformation from home. As a tip to DIY hair coloring, stick to colors that are less dark than your hair color (two shades are more recommended).

  • Vivid summer hair color trend

Still, on vibrant hair color ideas, the vivid summer hair color trend is another great pick for summer. Unlike Tie-dye, this color trend allows you to focus on a specific rainbow color as per your taste. You can choose to try blue, green, or any other color hues using a glossy texture to lighten up your summer mood.

Vivid summer hair color
  • Mermaid color

Mermaid color is a great pick for this season. It’s an eye-turner color trend if you want to turn heads anywhere you walk in or walkthrough. It’s no wonder some hair designers refer to it as a Killer mermaid color. It suits ladies with long hair and luscious locks. You can either try neon hues for a brighter look or go soft with pastel colors.

Mermaid color

Whichever options you go with, rest assured they will complement everything from your skin, clothe, and hair. Lastly, you can try out a burst of colors from midway to the end of your hair or cover full length.

  • Cinnamon Brown

If you have the urge to go red but still holding back, then try out Cinnamon Brown. It brings out the color and texture you need but also allows you to scale back in case you change your mind. It’s a trendy hair color pick with a considerable cost of maintenance. And on that note, consider hot oil treatment and deep conditioning.

Cinnamon Brown
  • Iridescent Unicorn

You have time to try out Iridescent Unicorn. It’s a striking hair color trend with a stunning and magical appeal. So, if you want a fairytale experience of happy ever after, then try this color trend. It takes the silver hair color to a whole new level with the mind-blowing hues it comes with. It’s a perfect fit for spring but with a lasting impression that will still stand out in the summer.

Iridescent Unicorn
  • Mahogany Glow

Mahogany Glow is a new hair color trend in 2021 that suits women with dark hair. Through its reddish-brown tone, it pops up the glow of your hair especially if it’s brown. If you look at it closely, it has a flattery tone that adds beauty and glamour to your hair. And this is something that many women admire.

Mahogany Glow
  • Chestnut Brown

Still on highlights and dimension, Chestnut Brown doesn’t disappoint. It creates a perfect blend of blonde and chestnut hues. And besides highlights, it works great with low lights. So, if you bumped onto multiple people with this hair color trend this summer, don’t be shocked. It’s among the best summer 2021 hair color trends that people are choosing.

Chestnut Brown
  • Highlighting Curls

If you adore curly hair, your style is also not left out in the 2021 hair color trends. And with various color highlight ideas to pick from, you can get the killer look of your dream. However, you are excluded from DIY projects. Dyeing your hair may change the curl shape and size and as such, you need an expert to assist you.

Highlighting Curls
  • Hazelnut Brunette

Hazelnut Brunette is yet another inspiration from nature to us. It’s a perfect pick for upgrading brown and giving it a fresh new look. It features a brown tone with golden and light brown highlights. And if you prefer a deep tone with ashy aspects, there is something for you as well.

Hazelnut Brunette
  • Money Piece

Yes, you heard it right. The Money Piece color trend is popular for giving you both the glamour and expensive look. What’s more, it’s a stand-out style that will draw attention effortlessly. To attain this, you need darker hair as the foundation and then balayage the face-framing hair using lighter shades. With this style, your complexion pops and it’s complementary in every way.

Money Piece
  • Bright Blond

It may take time to achieve this hair color but it’s worth it. It’s a trendy hair color that’s common in 2021 and still pushing on strong. And as you close in to that perfect bright blonde, ensure you use recommended shampoo to maintain the tone vibrantly. This color trend works perfect on ladies with a bright tone as it is complementary to their skin tone.

Bright Blond
  • Golden Pops

If you are conservative on the texture and color of your hair but still need a bold transformation, try Golden Pops. This hair color trend works perfectly on every type of hair color and brings out the shine you need. However, you should tread carefully with this style. Overdo it and you will resemble the Barbie doll. So, the secret is ensuring the tone is right.

Golden Pops
  • Going Grey

Grey hair color is no longer a sign of aging but a new style that many women like. It brings out the natural look that’s complementary in a way. It’s a low-cost maintenances style but with a striking enchantment. You can spice it up with a touch of glossiness to enhance the glow and beauty.

Going Grey
  • Auburn Hair color

From the first impression, this color pops and brings out a warm sensation. It’s the best pick for anyone who wants that striking appeal at any cost. Speaking of cost, this hair color trend needs more maintenance to keep on shining. But even so, it’s worth the trouble considering the remarkable complement it delivers.

Auburn Hair color
  • Pampas Blonde

Named after pampas grass, pampas blonde provides the same glamour and seamless appeal. It’s a perfect way to add a touch of the ’70s to the modern style and still look remarkable. It delivers a dimensional color pattern on your hair just enough to make your skin tone pop. And just like many other new hair color trends 2021 on this list, it’s here to stay.

Pampas Blonde
  • Rouge

After making it into the Netflix Series, Queen’s Gambit, this hair color has found its way into the heart of many women. It’s a true definition of what it feels like to have perfect red hair. That means, it surpasses red-copper and less dark than the popular auburn. But to achieve this hair color, you need an expert colorist. Also, it needs occasional touch-ups if you want to maintain its tone and glow.

  • Golden Black

Ink black aside, the Golden Black trend is something else. It provides you with a bit of everything, from a sassy look to refined and classy details. It comprises dark hair with a touch of brown interwoven in lightly. But the secret behind its glamour is the gold undertones that complete the look.

Golden Black


Today hair color trends have taken a new turn. They are nothing like before and the emergence of new hair color ideas isn’t slowing down any time soon. So, if you love to keep up with the changing trends, you are where you should be.

Here, we will keep you updated with the latest hair color trends for females. But that’s not all, we also cater to those who love to get a new look once in a while. So, be it a summer 2021 hair color trends, winter hair color ideas, or all-year-round color options, we’ve got something for you.

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