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How To Curl Your Hair With A Hair Straightener?


One of the aesthetic elements of beauty is the appearance of your hair. Sleek and aesthetic hair gives you a classic and radiant look. Dangling hair that is not well set can make you look awkward and out of fashion. One of the ways to look outstanding is to have curly hair using a simple tool. Curling your hair with a hair straightener to look fabulous is simple and easy if you have the right approach to getting things done. How to curl your hair with a hair straightener? There are several techniques for curling hair with a hair straightener to have great bouncy curls.

Benefits of having curly hair

Having curly hair, whether natural or curling hair with a hair straightener, has many benefits that can be attributed to it. That is why many people seek a helpful guide on curling their hair with a hair straightener.

  • It serves as heat insulation and cooling: curly hair greatly benefits those who have it during the hot weather as it provides a layer of protection against direct sunlight, keeping the scalp cool. It absorbs water and sweat and provides a cooling effect like AC. Without curly hair, further protection will be needed to prevent direct sun rays, which can still make you susceptible to scalp burn and overheating. Therefore, having a guide on how to curly your hair with a straightener is essential if you don’t have curly hair.
  • Protecting the organ in the head: the most vital organ that is in the head is the brain. It needs all the necessary protection, and the hair can protect the head from UV radiation. The more volume of curly hair and its density, the better it will prevent the head from excessive direct heat or cold and also serve as cushioning for it.
  • It serves as a sensory receptor: there are a lot of energy and vibes that are transmitted in the hair. The hair has a sensory that picks and responds to the environment, air quality, humidity, temperature, and many more. Having curly hair, the spiral of the hair emits and receives large amounts of energy flows that enhance the overall psyche. Therefore, curling your hair with a hair straightener will help you achieve curly hair with sensory energy and vibes.

Styles of curl that can be achieved with a hair straightener

How to use a straightener to curl your hair comes in different dimensions. As there are different curling styles, the process for each curl differs from the other. However, to achieve a perfect curl, not minding the type you want, ensure that you use a straightener with a width of two inches or fewer and not curling with flat irons. The reason is that the wider the plates of the hair straightener you use, the looser and more voluminous result will be. There are different styles of hair curls you can achieve with a straightener depending on the positioning of the straightener.

  • Beach Waves
  • Bouncy curls
  • Polished waves
  • Push wave
  • Slide curl

How to curl your hair with a hair straightener?

The general approach of curling hair without going for a specific hair curling can be achieved using a straightforward approach.
With your straightener, start the curling with a small section of your hair and clamp it down gently towards the upper section of the hair. Then, pull the straightener down to the shaft of the hair like you want to straighten it. When you get to the part you want your curl to start from, pivot the straightener in a 180-degree position, half-turning it away from your face, and pull the straightener down straight through the rest of the hair. As you are pulling, use your fingers to massage the roots to break up the curls to get the curly look.

Achieving different styles of hair curling with straightening iron

How do you curl your hair with a straightener? There are different ways to curl your hair with a straightener. With this step-by-step guide, the question of how do I curl my hair with a straightener will be answered.

1. Beach waves

This hair-curling style is easy curls with flat irons, and there are methods to achieve it.

The Beach C-waves

  • Part the front section of your hair and separate it one inch wide.
  • Make a C-shape with the rounded curve facing the outside from the start of the hair root. The extent to which the straightener can be dragged, whether longer or shorter, depends on the amount of wave you want.
  • The same motion should be repeated opposite to get an S shape.
  • The procedure should be continued down to the end of the length of your hair by keeping it a bit straight.
  • Then, loosen the curls with your fingers

Beachy pin curls

  • Create a small vertical section of your hair.
  • Twist each strand of the hair from the roots to the ends with your fingers.
  • The twisted section should be wrapped into a pin curl.
  • Press down on the pin curl with the flat iron straightener for a few seconds using lots of tension.
  • Repeat the process till you have beachy pin curls in the entirety of your head.

2. Bouncy Curls

Bouncy hair curling with a straightening iron is about lift and volume; before blow drying the hair, spray can be worked through it.

  • The starting point should be one inch away from the root of the hair. The straightening iron should be held vertically and tilted slightly away from the face, pressing it down.
  • From the face, twist the hair straightener half turn away.
  • Hold the end of the hair with good tension and glide the straightener halfway down its length.
  • In another half turn, twist the straightening iron away from your face and glide through the rest with slight tension.
  • This process should be repeated twice to fit each strand for an extra bounce.

3. Polished Waves

There are two approaches to getting a perfect curl with straighteners in polished waves style. The first approach is by repeating the beach waves of the C-shape procedure. In using this for polished waves, make the C-shape wider and curvier around the ends.
This other procedure can be followed for more variation in the polished waves.

  • Create a vertical section in your hair, not more than an inch. Make the iron to be at the root of the hair.
  • Smooth the root of the hair down and outward to achieve more volume.
  • Away from your face, swivel the straightener in a half-turn and pull down with it for about one and a half inches.
  • At the point that the first wave left off, make a tiny dip there to have an elongated C-shape. Let there be a round edge on the inner side of the hair that is close to the face.
  • To have the polished waves look, repeat the steps according to the length of the hair and end it with rounded ends.
  • For a finishing touch, rake through the hair with your fingers or a sizeable toothed comb and add a little quantity of hair spray and serum for a perfect shine.

4. Push Wave

Push wave is the 70’s style of curling hair, and it does have less volume. Follow this procedure to get it done.

  • Create a section on your hair and clamp it down an inch at the root with the flat iron like you want to straighten it.
  • Hold the hair below your flat iron firmly and push it up to bend with a C-shape.
  • Open the flat iron repeatedly and move it until you get to the bottom of the C-shaped bend.
  • Create a backward C-shape by pushing the hair once again.
  • Open the straightener repeatedly and move it to the bottom of the backward C-shaped bend.
  • On the other sections of the hair, repeat the procedure from the second one to the last till you get to the end of the hair.

5. Slide Curl

This method of curling hair is like curling with a ribbon and scissors around an object. This method requires some finessing to avoid straightener grasping with a death grip. You are not meant to pull too tight with the iron to avoid getting stuck and creating crimped or dent effects on the hair. To produce a perfect and tight curl, drag the straightener slowly.

  • Vertically, hold the flat iron, and at the root of the hair, hold an inch section. Rotate it in a 180 degrees motion away from your face to make it curl away from the face. And if you want it to curl to your face, rotate it to your face.
  • Move the straightener gently down to the length of your hair in a fluid motion and with tension.

Hair straightener curling Tips

How to curl your hair with a hair straightener? This is an easy-to-do process that does not require much difficulty. Knowing which direction to curl hair with straighteners is essential in achieving it. To help you achieve better results, here are some further tips on how to curl your hair with a straightener.

  • Spray on hair protectants such as spray, oil, or cream when using a hot styling tool to avoid damages that may be caused by heat
  • Your flat iron clamping down should be based on the style of curl you want to achieve.
  • Make the tool move through the hair once you have clamped it down. Do not clamp the straightener down on your hair to avoid burning.
  • To make your curls look natural, always start at eye level, not above or below.


If you don’t have naturally curly hair, you should not worry too much or get intimidated by those who do. With a hair straightener, you can also have a natural-looking hair curl. In getting a curl, master the technique of the style of curl you would like to have and follow it to have curls with straighteners.


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