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How To Use A Hair Straightener?


How to use a hair straightener is what you always browse for to make your hair pretty sleek. Those who don’t have straight hair naturally often look forward to hair appliances. This blog is for you if you want to learn the use of hair straighteners.

How to use a hair straightener?

If you do a poll for straight or curly hair, the straight hair choice will always win. That is because people love straight hair more than curly hair. Hair texture, growth, and length are natural. But what if you don’t like naturally curly or wavy hair? Then, you would love to seek ways how to use hair straighteners.
Usually, when your hair is wet, they seem straight. However, when they get dry, they retain their natural look. Therefore, if you want to fulfill your dream of getting straight hair, then invest in a hair straightener. This electrical appliance has made the job very easy and convenient for you. To your surprise, you can straighten your hair in five to ten minutes. Hence, making your hair much more manageable. 
After purchasing this appliance, you have to learn its usage. However, follow the proper technique for hair straightening with straighteners. Otherwise, it can burn your hair badly. Let’s get into the details of using the hair straightener at your home!

How to straighten hair step-by-step guide?

Learn the step-by-step guide for straightening your hair. You will eventually become a pro or self-styling hair expert. You don’t have to take the assistance of anyone; instead, learn how to use a straightener independently. 
A hair straightener works by the adjustment of the temperature of heat. Some appliances have a digital display and temperature control. On the other hand, some come with an analog temperature control system. Let’s begin with the most effective Tips on how to straighten hair using the flat iron.

– Heat-protecting serum or spray

As you already know, a flat iron is always hot, and its heat can damage your hair badly. It is a heat protection spray if you want to know what to apply before using hair straighteners. The purpose of the spray is to prevent the damage heat does to your hair. You have to apply it along the length of the hair but don’t apply it on the roots.

– Set the temperature

For How to use a hair straightener, plug in your hair straightener and wait for it to heat up. Usually, it takes less than five minutes or so to heat up. Then, select the most suitable temperature for your hair. You will come across a wide range of temperatures, from maximum to minimum. Remember not to set the temperature very high as it can burn your hair immediately. 
Operate it when you feel it has achieved the right temperature. If you fear that the hot flat iron will burn your hand, you can wear heat-resistant gloves. 

– Detangle your hair

While your straightener is undergoing the preheat mode, brush your hair. For how to use straighteners, first use a wide tooth comb to remove the tangles from your hair. The detangled hair easily gets straightened. 

– Divide the hair into sections

The next step for how to use hair straighteners includes uniform hair division. After combing your hair, the next step is to divide the hair. You will do the primary partitioning for the right and left sides of the hair. Now, clip the side that you will start straightening later on. For the other side, you must section the hair and hold the strands you start straightening with. You can put another clip on the remaining hair on that side. 

– Straighten the hair

Read ahead if you want to know how to straighten hair at home. Strand by strand, you have to straighten the hair. Do straightening of the hair a few inches away from the roots. Now hold the straightener by pressing it a little on the hair. But don’t hold it for too long, as constant holding action can burn the hair due to extensive heat.
Bring the straightener down the hair by pressing it from the top to the tips. Once you reach the tip of the hair, undo the pressing action. You have to straighten every hair strand with the same technique. Repeat this step on the same strand if the strand is still wavy. Or you could increase its thermostat for effective heating. 
If you want to know how to straighten hair perfectly, make small uniform sections of the hair strands. The smaller the strands are, the more effective straightening it offers. Then repeat this step of dividing, clipping, and straightening the remaining hair. Eventually, you will get sleek and straight hair.

– Cleaning of the straightener

After using the straightener, avoid touching it until it releases the heat. Then take a micro fabric cloth to clean it. The technique helps you to wipe off the dust particles that settle on it. Make sure to remove the residues of spray particles from it to prevent the flat iron from sticking. You will then get super straight hair instead of frizzy. 

– Placing it back

You can place it back in its packaging. If you don’t keep it in a box, its cord can quickly get damaged, resulting in a broken wire. So be very careful with your appliance.

How to straighten your hair with a straightener – The valuable tips

Hair straightening is an easy job with maximum results. But learning the tips and tricks for straightening your hair is essential. 

– Drying the hair

If you just showered your hair, prevent using a hair straightener on wet hair. Use a towel to dry the excess dripping water from the hair. Similarly, you can even use the air drying method for drying wet hair. 

– The use of blow dry

Use a blow dryer but don’t use the hot hair blow dry. Dry the wet or damped hair with cool air. Hot hair blow drying generally makes your hair frizzy. This action would eventually dry out the remaining moisture from the wet hair. Hence, you will still find it frizzy even after straightening the hair.

– The size of the straightener

The size of the hair straightener always matters. For example, some come with thin metal plates. Such types of hair straighteners cannot offer proper straightening of the hair. Hence, using such a straightener takes a long while and great effort. At the same time, a wide metal-plated flat iron can do this job efficiently. If you require a straightener for travel, use the portable and smaller ones. 

– Use of conditioner

Before using the hair straightener, conditioner your hair; a conditioner helps to make the hair tips softer. Thus, the straightener performs the job very well when you straighten them.

Should you use a hair straightener on dry hair?

Yes, you can easily use a hair straightener on dry hair. Unlike the chances of wet hair getting damaged with a flat iron, dry hair doesn’t get much damaged. However, you cannot assume that a straightener would not do any damage to your hair; it does. Usually, it weakens and destroys your natural hair texture only when you frequently use this appliance. 
Hair stylists always instruct people to use the appliance at low to medium temperatures. That’s because your hair directly gets the heat. Thus, intense heat always burns the hair. 

Can you straighten wet hair?

Morning routines are also considered rush routines. You would usually be in a hurry to go to your job, school, or any other errand running for completion. Hair styling could take too much time. But what if your hair is wet, and you want to make it straight? When you are in a rush, drying wavy hair is a challenge. To start hair styling, you should know how to use a hair straightener. Usually, you would plug in the flat iron and put the power on button. 

– Can you use a straightener on wet hair?

It is a query that might prevent you from using it on wet hair. Wet hair is already weak; hair experts discourage you from combing these. When running late from the office, you need more time to dry and straighten them. To skip the drying step, you will start straightening the wet hair without considering its damage to your hair. 

– What happens if you straighten wet hair?

Let’s jump to the facts.
Do you notice a sound when you place the wet hair strands between the metal straightener plates? It is a strange sound of steam that you would hear constantly. Also, you would see the heat coming out of the hair. These indications are accurate. The following signs to notice are the frizziness that develops on the hair.
Your hair loses its natural binding and spreads in uneven directions. Also, the hair becomes super dry and tangled. Moreover, the straightener would damage the hair tips and cuticles. You are likely to see split ends and make your hair brittle. Although straightening the wet hair seems quite tempting, refrain from it. Constant straightening of wet hair would damage your natural hair texture and health. 


How to use a hair straightener should have become easier with the help of the shared tips. The guide to using can make a beginner an expert in straightening hair. Once you get used to the technique, you can be your hairstylist. 


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