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How To Curl Hair With A Curler

The curling of hair does not depend on the curler but also it depends on several other factors like styling products, curler temperature, and hair type. While curling, you need to maintain the overall hair’s health, and here are the steps about how to curl hair with a curler.

Curl Hair With Curler From A To Z

Step1: Blowing Your Hair Before Curling

The first step is blowing your hair well before you start the curling process, and you won’t get better results if your hair is still damp. Start the curling process by doing effective blow-dries which maybe takes time but you will get salon results if you follow this step. But before starting the blowing process you need to prepare your hair by applying some heat protectant product to avoid any damage to your hair. This step will help you to prevent the hair from getting frying and also set the curl better

How To Curl Hair With A Curler

 Step2 : Applying Hair Spray to Your Hair

The next step in curling your hair with curler involves applying some hair spray to your hair before you start the curling process. If you put hairspray after the curling has been done then you are taking a risk as the hair will get flat. Hairspray is essential for people if their hair is resistant to the curl. Use light to medium hair spray for the effective results

How To Curl Hair With A Curler

Step3: Section your hair

You need to work in a section while curling your hair. Use the wand to wrap your section around the barrel but never use the clamp which is at the bottom of the wand as it will hold the hair

How To Curl Hair With A Curler

Step4: Heating Your Curler

The most confusing part of the hair while doing curling is to set the heat temperature, and also it is the most important step as the heating temperature will decide the curling of hair. The high temperature can set your curl in a shorter time but it will damage your hair, and it is advisable to keep the temperature low especially if you have a processed hair. But if you have healthy hair, then you can raise the temperature. So choose the hair heat according to your type of hair and also make sure to proceed with caution without damaging the hair’s health. Also, use some heat protectant to avoid any long-lasting damage.

Another best tip for setting the heat temperature is, the fine hair people can use a lower temperature, and the coarse or thick hair people can use the higher temperature for effective result.

How To Curl Hair With A Curler
Best Hair Curler/Curling Iron

There are different types of curls, so based on the curl type you need to choose the wrapping technique. This is the important step as the different types of curls and wraps require a different type of wrapping your hair around the barrel differently. If you are preferring a glamour curl, then you need to use all your hair on the barrel and if you want modern waves then you need to leave the end and only the middle part of your hair should be on the barrel.

How To Curl Hair With A Curler

Please pay attention to the curler and note in which position you are holding the curler. If you want to look at your hair in more volume then you need to heat the root of your hair first and then hold the curler iron in a perpendicular position that is your curler should be at a right angle. If you are not looking for volume then hold the iron straight down. If you want to have big and bold curls then you need to hold the curler straight up.

How To Curl Hair With A Curler

Step 5: Wrap Your Hair Around the Barrel

In this step, you need to wrap your hair around the barrel and make sure not to overlap your hair as it will reduce the heat and also it will result in imperfect curls. And then use your fingers to hold the edge of your hair close to the barrel to prevent the burning of your hair. Also, concentrate to alter the direction from clockwise to anticlockwise to bring a natural effect on your curl.

How To Curl Hair With A Curler

Once you are sure about the position then you can start curling the hair, but make sure not to hold the curler for more than 10 seconds as it will cause some damage to your hair. Maybe if your hair is resistant towards the curl or if you want a tighter curl then you can hold the curler for more than 10 seconds. But if you want perfect curly hair then you need to maintain the same time for all the sections of your hair. If you start the curling process before the iron gets heated then your hair gets messy.

How To Curl Hair With A Curler

Then grab the bottom of your curl, and compact it to get a better curl. Make a circle of the hair and then use a bobby pin or any hair clip to fasten the section of your hair on the head.

How To Curl Hair With A Curler

Once you have finished pinning up all your hair, then wait for some time, and then you can take off the clips or pins.  Shake the curls well and fix if any curls are messed up, which you can do this by using your fingers for better arrangement. Tousling the larger curves is a greater way to create waves.

How To Curl Hair With A Curler

Tips to Get a Perfect Curl:

  • Start your curling process on dry hair, if you put heat on wet hair it will damage your hair
  • You can hold the curler in different directions depending on the type of curl you want, but hold it horizontally if you want more volume and hold it vertically if you want a loose curl
  • Brush your hair once you have done with the curling

Bottom Line:

Now you know the steps of curling your hair with a curler, and you can make curls of every size, shape, and texture. You can follow these steps if you want to make curly hair by following simple and easy steps.

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