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How to Curl Short Hair with Flat Iron

Curled hair can make one look great and there are several ways of curling even the short hair with a flat iron. However, it is necessary to learn about the best ways to curl even short hair making them look attractive using a flat iron. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to curl short hair with a flat iron with ease and convenience.

1、Creating Voluminous Beachy Waves in Short Hair with a Flat Iron


It is possible creating curly hair looking at them voluminous for people having short hair. The process is as follows.

  • Section the hair forming tight braids using the hands;
  • Create at least 10-12 such braids;
  • Once created pin them with bobby pins;
  • Use a flat iron to run over the braids;
  • Take away the bobby pins separating hairs from the braids;
  • Use invisible oil and massage them on the hair using fingers; and
  • Finally; pin some of the braids at the side of the head to look the hairs curly and voluminous.

2、 Creating Curly Hair with Alternate Waves in Short Hair with a Flat Iron

Source: The Right hairstyles

This is one of the most popular curly hairstyles that can be created using a flat iron. The steps involved are as follows.

  • First of all; section the hair;
  • Grab some of the strands and twist them inwards to the face using a flat iron;
  • Grab the next section twisting the outwards using a hair-straightener;
  • Likewise, twist hair strands inwards and outwards alternatively for all the hairs;

Keep altering the twist inwards and outwards all over your hair to create curly hair with alternative waves.

3. Creating Natural Curls on Short Hair with a Flat Iron


If you desire to make your hair look like having natural curls then you can ensure it using a flat iron. The steps are as follows.

  • Split the hair in half;
  • You can use protective hair spray for the purpose;
  • First focus on only one of the halves of hairs;
  • Use a vertical silver that is around half an inch in thickness;
  • Hold the hair strands in the half you are working upon at the roots;
  • Slowly twist the half full and then release it; and
  • Follow the same steps for the other half of hair strands.

You will come up with a spiral curl despite having short hairs.

4. Creating Voluminous Bob in short Hair with a Flat Iron

Source: The Right Hair Style

It is possible creating a voluminous bob despite having short hair innovatively using a flat iron. The steps are as follows.

  • Divide your hair into sections;
  • Run a hair-straightener from the root of each section separately;
  • Start twisting the hair strands only after the flat iron used reaches the middle point of the hair;
  • Once you reach the midway of hairs you can start twisting them towards your face;
  • Twist every end of hair strands making them directed towards the face; and
  • When all these are overuse a brush to run smoothly through the hairs but leave the ends untouched.

The result shall be the attractive curling of your hair despite its short size.

5. Creating Simple Beach Waves in Short Hair with a Flat Iron


Many people desire to have a simple albeit highly attractive wavy hairstyle even though they have short hair. For such people, creating simple beach waves in short hair using a flat iron could be the ideal choice. The steps involved in the process are as follows.

  • Brush your hair well removing all tangles;
  • Sectionalize your hair into small sections for easy handling;
  • Using a flat iron curl your hair from one side;
  • Twist the hairs in each section at least twice using the flat iron;
  • Follow the process for entire hair sections leaving the hairs on top aside; and
  • Curl the hairs on top from midway instead of their roots to create simple beach waves even in your short hair.  

6. Effortless Creation of Curls on Short Hair with a Flat Iron

Source: Byrdie

To create curls on short hair without putting a lot of effort you can use the following steps.

  • Section the hair that is located above the ear;
  • Grab 2-3 inches of the hair and use the flat iron for curling them;
  • While curling leaves aside the roots of the hair;
  • Curl the hairs at 90 degrees and thereafter release them;
  • The process should be followed for all sections  of hair; and
  • Piece the waves using the fingers for the purpose.

The result will be the creation of natural-looking curls even though you have short hair.

7. Creating Carefree Curls on Short Hair with a Flat Iron


Those that are interested in creating curls on short hair that looks carefree can achieve the objective using a flat iron for the purpose. The following steps are required in such a case.

  • Clip and flip the hair using the straightener in reverse before you start twisting them;
  • Run the straightener fast on the hair to get quick results;
  • Reverse twisting should be used for the front section hairs only;
  • For the hairs in the back section of the head the process should be twisting without running the tool in reverse; and
  • This change of process for backside hairs is necessary as the reverse curling process won’t work on them.

The result will be highly attractive curly hair with a care-free appearance.

8. Creating Tight Curls on Short Hair with a Flat Iron


Tight curls can be created even when you have short hair with a flat iron. The steps to be followed are as below.

  • Divide your hair into sections;
  • Start the twisting up to the end of the section attempted first with a small plated flat iron;
  • Use some invisible oil to separate the hairs; and
  • Follow the process on all sections of hair.

There is no need to be disheartened for having short hair thinking they cannot be curled. You can easily curl them the way you want using a flat iron for the purpose.

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