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How to Choose Hair Straighteners? – The Ultimate Guide 2018

I’m an employee at Hongsen hair straightener manufacturer, and I have been interested in hair straightener for several years. I love straight hair, so I try to keep my hair tidy and uncluttered. My 20 years of pursuit of custom flat irons made me collect all kinds of hair straighteners. Most people may have only one, but I can call it “excess”. My collection is divided into several different styles. If you ask my friends, they will tell you that I have problems!

However, when I was looking for my next purchase, I realized that the time had changed dramatically. Now, there are some new technologies that can make your life healthier. I’m really interested in learning more about the benefits that can be done for me, and when I gather information, I think it’s meaningful to share everything I learned, not to close myself, and the convenience of the Internet means anything and everyone can share their knowledge.

So, here I will share my experience and tell people how to choose the right flat iron for your hair. (About materials, pricing, size, etc.)

When you buy hair straighteners, there are many different options and you may need to improve in the right direction, so you know where to start. It will not be overwhelmed, and there are many ways to determine your choice. The following are some explanations I hope can help you when you are confused about how to choose a flat iron.

Ceramic flat irons

Ceramic hair straighteners are the first ones to enter the high-end hair straightener market and have been around for nearly two decades. They get reliable temperatures, and as long as you need them, they will keep it.

In my opinion, a complete ceramic board is a way to go. If you need something that can last a long time, make sure you don’t use ceramic-coated iron when you look at it. Ceramic coatings mean poor quality, and they also don’t have the heat you need. Remember that hotspots are not your friends!

Tourmaline flat irons

Tourmaline is a kind of coating, located on the top of the plate, made of gemstones, on the ceramic exterior wall. This hard additive keeps its heat more consistent and the straightener can better capture the moisture needed for the hair. Tourmaline straighteners can also be used at lower temperatures because they are very effective in heat distribution.

Titanium flat irons

Titanium hair straighteners are the newest members of straight hair and they are considered to be the cutting edge of hair straightener technology. They are the safest metal plates that can be used, and they dissipate heat well without perming. However, not all hair types are suitable for metal plates, so if you have delicate hair, it may not be suitable for titanium plates.

Wet and dry flat irons

Another design for straightening is wet and dry hair straighteners, but these may be the least reliable of all options. They are usually of high quality and play a good role when the hair is half dry, but 100% of the technology for straightening hair is not yet available.

Professional flat irons

Hair straighteners are one of the few industries that may consider buying extra money to buy in addition to professionals. Material quality is higher and electrical components are kept better. When you try to keep your hair safe, they can make a big difference.

Discount hair straightener

If you don’t need to spend too much time on your straight hair, or you haven’t decided how much you want to spend, discounting hair straighteners is a good start. Keep in mind that glass or exposed metal plates are not good heat conductors and they will not give you a good straight line, so they may scald your hair.

Narrow hair straightener

Anything under an inch or inch is a small or standard size hair straightener. Less than one inch is best for short hair and one inch is for anyone. If you want to do more straightening, one inch is the best.

Wide hair straightener

Any flat iron with a width of more than 1 inch is called a large size, and these hair straighteners work better in straightening long hair because they are not as accurate as small straight hair straighteners. If you have long hair, using a large hair straightener can save a lot of time, but if your hair is short, you can’t do many different shapes as it does.

Weird options

There are many other options for hair straighteners. When you read my hair straightener reviews here, you will learn more about nuances. I did my best to point out everything I knew and things that puzzled me when I got my first hair straightener.

At last, I recommend people who want to ask“how to brand my own flat iron?” a reliable private label flat irons manufacturer- Hongsen, a professional wholesale hair styling tools company founded in 2008. This manufacturer also provides flat irons wholesale service.

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