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Know About Wet to Dry Hair Straighteners

Recently, I found that there are many friends are asking “Can I flat iron my hair wet?”, “Is it okay to straighten damp hair?”, “What happens if you straighten damp hair”, and more similar questions on Quora or Reddit.

Uh, I think maybe these people need a tool called wet-to-dry hair straightener!Private Label Titanium Flat Irons

The wet-to-dry hair straighteners are designed to provide an elegant and super-straightened hair with professional experience with the provision of advanced technology that straightens wet hair and also dries it to give it an elegant look. If you are looking for an intelligent design tool that saves your valuable time in the morning and gives you a quick style solution, you should opt for the straighteners to dry with wet water that allows you to save time drying your wet hair and giving it the lock perfectly straightened with absolute perfection.

In addition, the use of wet-to-dry straighteners allows molding completely wet hair and it is not necessary to opt for blow-drying to obtain elegant hair. Therefore, if you face the shortage of time in the morning and want to opt for a more advanced and innovative tool, then all your concerns about the style will end up using the wet-to-dry straighteners to make it incredibly elegant with the perfectly straightened lock. You can also read about the best selling flat irons of the current year 2018 to have a complete view of the most recommended design tools in the market.

Main Features of  the Wet to Dry Flat Iron

The wet to dry plates are one of the preferred styling tools for those users who prefer to have straight and smooth hair straightening is not necessary to use dryers for the hairstyle. As the flat iron wet to dry can be used on wet hair directly to dry them and give it a professionally stylized look. So, let’s take a close look at its main features.

  • Variable Temperature Settings

The key feature of the straightener from dry to wet is that all these styling tools must have variable temperature settings to provide elegant solutions and required different people with varied textures and types of hair. It means users with fine hair can use settings lower temperature, while users textured medium hair can use the configuration average temperature and people with textures thick curly hair can get the settings high temperature to obtain a perfectly stylized hair.

  • Tourmaline coated ceramic plates

It is often recommended to purchase a wet to dry plate having ceramic plates with tourmaline coating to provide a smooth appearance and amazingly soft hair. In addition, ceramic plates allow even heat distribution throughout the hair and avoid the possibility of hot spots. The ceramic plates accompanied with tourmaline coating help to provide a soft shine and strength to the hair along with the production of negative ions to provide a protective shield to the hair and make them free of frizz.

  • Provision of security features

Wet-to-dry hair straighteners should have all the required safety features that incorporate the significant aspect of automatic shut-off. It implies that your style tool automatically shuts down after a certain time and you do not need to worry about turning it off after each use.


Wet to Dry Flat Iron VS  Regular Flat Iron

Damp hair straighteners dry use advanced technology to dry wet hair and offer a stylish professional lock with absolute perfection. In fact, wet-to-dry hair straighteners can work on wet and dry hair with incredible perfection. You can use wet to dry straightener on dry hair.

On the other hand, the flat iron can function only on dry hair because you cannot even think about using it in wet or damp hair as it can cause irreparable damage to your beautiful hair. The as wet hair dry technology uses an advanced ventilation system that converts water into steam drops and uses it to flatten the hair with incredible perfection. Therefore, the key aspect of the differentiation between the dry and wet hair straightener and the normal hair straightener is the use of the advanced ventilation system in the flat iron wet to dry that turns the water droplets on wet hair in steam that is used for hair with professional experience.

Does Wet to Dry Flat Iron Damage Hair?

Flat irons are invariably designed to provide straightened hair that appears to be professionally stylized. Therefore, it is important to understand the fact that wet-to-dry hair straighteners like any other iron must be used in accordance with the standards required in the instruction manual to avoid any type of hair damage. In addition, it is important to note the fact that you do not need to rely on the excessive use of styling tools as it can cause a damaging effect on the hair. Therefore, always be sure to use the straighteners for wet-drying hair with care and in accordance with the instruction manual to avoid any damage to your precious lock.

Pros of Using the Wet to Dry Hair Straighteners

Let’s take an interesting look at the advantages of using wet-to-dry hair straighteners. The wet-to-dry hair straightener is designed to provide super-styled hair quickly with the use of an advanced steam ventilation system that works exceptionally well on damp hair to give them a smoother look.

It provides a uniform heat distribution with the use of ceramic plates that provide a healthy and shiny hair without the possibility of hot spots. The use of tourmaline gemstones on the ceramic plates of hair straighteners for wet to dry hair provides smooth and shiny hair with the use of negative hair ion technology. In addition, it helps to provide frizz-free hair that has shine and strength due to the sealing of natural moisture in the hair.

It heats up quickly to provide the desired results with perfection. It gives the opportunity to the users to experiment with different looks using the provision of double ceramic heaters and the maximum heat to obtain the stylized hair.

Cons of Using the Wet to Dry Hair Straighteners

Let’s take a close look at the disadvantages of using hair straighteners from wet to dry.

Wet-to-dry straighteners work exceptionally well on all hair types and textures and provide amazing results. Therefore, with regard to the disadvantages of using wet to dry flat iron, it all depends on how you use the design tool because it must meet all the guidelines listed in the manual to get the desired results. Therefore, if you do not overdo the hair iron from wet to dry hair, surely you’ll get a smooth, silky hair that provides professional design experience.


In short, we can say that the straighteners wet to dry hair is the tool of choice style for all those women who need perfection and professional experience in combing wet hair and do not need to rely on regular slabs and sessions drying blow to obtain the stylized hair.

In addition, the use of an advanced steam ventilation system helps to obtain a super-sleek hair with incredible accuracy. Therefore, I made a serious attempt to get all the necessary information about the straightener wet hair dry, its characteristics, the pros and cons of using them to allow users to have a complete view of given the design tool to let them buy the most appropriate tool for hair styling.

In short, every morning runs out of time and need a quick solution hairstyle for your hair, then you must have the plate wet to dry hair that saves time and keeps hair soft and smooth. Have super-stylized hair with your wet-to-dry hair straightener and move the world with your beautiful hair!

If you want to wholesale private label wet to dry straighteners, please feel free to contact us!

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