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How To Use An Automatic Hair Curler?


Today, the beauty world showcases a brilliant beauty tool- the automatic hair curler. It takes the stress out of hairstyling and grants you the most beautiful curls. This alternative to traditional curlers is devoid of unsatisfactory results that involve uneven curls, burns, and discomfort in your arm and neck.
The automatic hair curler is the most reliable option for getting a fashionable look with the smallest effort. It is portable, easy to use, and protects your hair from damage.
This post will discuss how to use the automatic curling iron to achieve the perfect style. But before that, let’s understand what an automatic hair curler is and the benefits of using this device.

What is An Automatic Hair Curler?

Even if you are unfamiliar with the term “automatic hair curler,” you can presume what it is and how it functions from the name. Also called the spinning curling iron, an automatic curler for hair works on your tresses and helps you curl your hair without manually twisting the rod. The most common model gives a similar vibe to the conventional curling iron. It features a clamp and a barrel that rotates with just the push of a button. The rotating barrel curls your hair strands quickly and without hassle, thus saving you time and giving you fine and uniform curls around your head. The automatic hair curler is a great user-friendly tool now incredibly popular among people who want the perfect curls with the least stress.

Benefits of Using an Automatic Curling Iron

For starters, automatic curlers are designed to be quick, effective, and precise. They create lovely bouncy curls without the need to undergo manual labor. Additionally, because of its adaptable technology, an automatic curler for hair will regulate the applied heat so that there is an even spread around every hair strand. This smart feature makes it so that your hair is protected from burn damage and keeps it healthy all around. And since automatic hair curlers are built with a discernible mechanism, you can start using your beauty tool immediately after unboxing.

How to Use Automatic Hair Curlers?

Although using an automatic hair curler is a pretty straightforward process, you might be looking for a bit more guidance. Well, look no further! Below, we have outlined a step-by-step guide on how to use automatic hair curlers to achieve a flawless look. Read on to learn more.

Step 1: Prepare your hair for curling

Like any procedure involving your hair, preparing the strands for the subsequent process is vital. You will want to begin by washing your hair clean. Use a shampoo and conditioner that fits your hair type. After washing, ensure your hair is free from tangles and knots before applying a heat protectant to your strands.
This will protect your hair from potential heat damage and possible breakage. When you are done with the application, use a brush to smoothen your hair and remove all the tangles that may have formed from all the rubbing.

Step 2: Divide your hair into sections

How to use an automatic hair curler? The next step is to divide your hair into sections. If this is your first time using a spinning curling iron, you might want to try sectioning your hair into small parts before getting used to the device. Start by parting your hair from the middle all the way through until you’re left with two large divisions. Take one section and divide it into even smaller segments. Remember that the larger the sections, the lighter your curls will appear.

Step 3: Set up your automatic hair curler

After making all the necessary preparations, it is time to set your automatic curler.
Place the device on a flat, dry surface close to an electric outlet before plugging it in. Thereafter, select a temperature suitable for your hair type and choose the tool’s speed. The pace of the curler will determine how loose or tight your curls will be. It would help if you also chose which direction you’d like your curls to face.

Step 4: Curl your hair

This is the final and most crucial step in using an automatic hair curler.
After everything’s been set up, take one section of your hair and place it inside the clamp of the machine before gently securing it in place. Once it starts to rotate, wait for your hair to be entirely curled before releasing it from the clamp. Thereafter, take another strand and repeat the process until every part of your hair has been curled. If you want to ensure that your newly curled hair doesn’t fall flat after the process, you should consider using a good hairspray to seal your style.

Factors to Consider when Choosing your Automatic Curling Iron

There are numerous options to select from when picking an automatic curling iron.
But even though these devices all perform the same function, there are several factors you have to consider before choosing your automated beauty tool.

Among these factors include:

  • The thickness of the barrel
  • Weight of the device
  • Heat settings
  • Unique features
  • If it is cordless or not

The Best Hair Type for an Automatic Curling Iron

Yes. An automatic curler for hair will give you beautiful and bountiful curls with little to no effort. However, even though this beauty tool benefits individuals of all hair types, long hair still functions best with the device. An automatic curling iron for long hair is the most common type of spinning curling iron. The device takes your hair strand into its gentle embrace and wraps your locks around the ceramic rod to create uniform curls that make you look stunning. If you have long straight, or wavy tresses, an automatic curling iron for long hair is the best styling option. This device will give your hair a more curly personality.

Little Tips

Just learning about how to use an automatic hair curler doesn’t guarantee to have long-lasting curls. Follow the tips below to prevent your hair from losing its curly complexity.

  • Avoid running your fingers through your curls
  • Don’t brush through your hair. It causes the curls to lose their structure.
  • Avoid using too much product on your hair. You want to have that natural volume and movement
  • Set your hair with hairspray immediately after the curling process.


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