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What is the Best Material for Hair Straightener?

The best hair straightener is particularly important to make you look fresh. When you try to figure out what kind of hair straight iron you fit, you should firstly find that which material the heated plate may be made from. You may not know the difference between them, so it is difficult for you to decide. Then, let me introduce the difference. After understanding, you may find the right hair straightening tools.

Every hair straightener manufacturer can provide a variety of materials for straight iron, including Tourmaline, Tourmaline Coating, Titanium, Aluminum, Titanium Ceramic Coating, Teflon, Solid Ceramic, Silicone, etc. Now, let us learn more about them.


Firstly, let us take a look at tourmaline hair straightener. Because it hurts the hair very little, it becomes one of the most exciting innovations. Tourmaline, made of crystal powder, can release negative ions when you use the hair straightener. And the negative ions can straighten your hair but less heat is produced. So it can reduce the damage to your hair. The negative ions can also absorb the moisture in order to make your hair shiny. The biggest benefit of tourmaline is that it prevents unnecessary damage because of its lower temperatures. But its disadvantage is too expensive.

Tourmaline coating

Secondly, let me introduce the tourmaline coating. Tourmaline coating provides ionization function which can be anti-static. It not only eliminates static electricity but also reduces the possibility of damage. It can make the hair smooth and shiny and look healthier, which is why even women with naturally straight hair are using them to give their hair a natural shine and healthful appearance. I think this is a good choice for us.


Thirdly, let us learn about titanium hair straightener. It is easy to carry. Because the main feature of titanium is that it is ultra-lightweight. It is also the most famous negative ion conductor so that it releases heat very quickly. Also, it can neutralize static electricity and eliminate frizz. Another advantage is durable, so you do not worry it would be not working. But it also has disadvantages such as damaging your hair, because it releases more heat.

Solid ceramic

Fourthly, The solid ceramic is the most popular material in the world. The surface of the solid ceramic is smooth, so when the hair straightener through the hair, your hair can not tie a knot. But the edge of the ceramic is rough, you will pull the hair painfully. Solid ceramic is gentle. It can provide heat continuously, so it more secure for your hair and straighten your hair evenly. But it always creates cracks if it falls to the ground, it is not durable.

If you have a titanium ceramic coating flat iron, you will get all advantages of titanium and cera

mics such as durable and affordable. It also transfers heat efficiently and makes hair shiny and smooth.


Fifthly, let me tell you the silicone flat iron. It can straighten your hair quickly. And there is less possibility of damaging your hair. It has a great advantage that it is very cheap. It takes longer than other flat iron to reach the temperature. Its temperature is always higher than maximum temperature claimed, but it fails to reach the maximum temperature sometimes.


Nextly, we can take a look at Teflon. It is a polymer material using tetrafluoroethylene. When you use protective products, the coating will fall off and collapse. This means that flat iron made of Teflon can easily damage the hair. Sometimes some cheapest straightening iron brands use it, it burns hair or breaks hair easily, so I think it is not a good choice for you. Even if you rarely use it, you had better avoid it.


Finally,you can get something about aluminum hair straightener. Aluminum hair straightener, with good thermal conductivity and conductivity, has good corrosion resistance and small density. Good thermal conductivity enables this straightener to heat up quickly and reduce operating time. And because of its low density, it is very light and convenient for carrying.

The above is an introduction to several materials about flat iron.  It is important to choose a suitable one. So you can read it carefully to determine which one is suitable for you.

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