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How Long Does Straightened Hair Last?


Women have different hair textures and several style options. But there is an undeniable fact. That is, straight hair has woven itself into ladies’ hearts everywhere. Because apart from being effortlessly silky and shiny, straight hair is the most effortless texture to maintain! For many women, especially those with curly and oily hair, running your hand through your hair with little to no obstruction is a dream come true. But now there is an urgent question. How long does straightened hair last? This article will give you the answer.

How long does hair straightening last?

Often, women turn to hair straightening to escape their tangly fate. It is a fascinating technique that has a history dating back centuries. Broadly, hair strengthening is classified into two types; permanent and temporary. Each straightening method has different treatments that determine how long straightened hair will last.
Briefly describing them:
Temporary straightening involves using a flat iron to untangle your hair without exposing it to harsh chemicals.
On the other hand, permanently straightened hair involves chemicals and a lengthy straightening process.

How long does temporary straightened hair last?

This method will keep your hair straight for a maximum of two to three days. However, this duration will lessen if you don’t manage your hair properly. Straight hair will revert to its original state if it comes in contact with water. Additionally, if you stay in a humid place, chances are that your new do will end up frizzy and untidy.

How long does permanent hair straightening last?

Compared to its counterpart, permanent straightened hair will last anywhere between 4 and 6 months and even a year.

Factors to consider

The amount of time your straight hair will last depends on various factors. Among these are:

1. Hair type and texture

You might be wondering, “How long does straightened hair last.” Your hair type, either type 1a, 3b, or 4c, is a significant factor that determines how long your straight hair will last. People who have more curls tend to return to their natural state earlier than those with innate silky, fine hair. The texture of your hair should be a template for whatever method you decide to use.

2. Lifestyle choices

Daily habits influence the lifespan of your straight hair. If you’re the type who likes to moisturize your scalp frequently, consider waiting until your hair reverts to its original form. Especially if you used a temporary straightening method, as water is one of straightened hair’s devious foes, try to avoid it coming in contact with your hair entirely. This includes when you shower, swim, and use water-based hair products. On the same note, make sure you cover your hair with a cotton scarf when you exercise. This prevents sweat from reaching your hair strands and causing them to twist and shrink. After all, sweat is also a liquid substance.

How to keep your hair straight?

Why doesn’t my hair stay straight? You may have wondered this. We know how troublesome it is to maintain straightened hair, especially for first-timers who follow the instructions but still end up with stubborn, frizzy hair. It isn’t uncommon to end up frustrated with this development. If you belong to this category, this post is just for you. We will answer the question: how long does straightened hair last? Here you will discover the dos and don’ts to sustaining straightened hair, regardless of your texture and what method you use.

1. Follow the instructions

The key to having healthy, long-lasting, professionally straightened hair is to follow the instructions given by experts, preferably your hairstylist. If you avoid the post-care tips for straight hair, your tresses will become frizzy and damaged. Don’t be shy to reach out to your hairstylist for guidance if you get confused.

2. Use the right products

Using the correct shampoo and conditioner after straightening will keep your hair tidy for an extended period. For shampoos, go for those with plenty of vitamins and minerals. These products will nourish your hair and keep it straight and fresh. For conditioners, choose those containing natural ingredients like aloe vera. A general rule is to avoid products containing artificial substances, parabens, and sulfates.

3. Use the right oils

The entire straightening process involves extreme heat, making your hair dull and brittle. Use natural hair oils or heat protectants on your hair before straightening.

4. Detangle your hair

Before applying heat to your hair, you’ll want first to take out the knots and tangles. This allows the straightening solution to properly wrap around each hair strand and ensure a smooth hair session.

5. Use the right serums

After the process, you should apply a good serum -preferably silicone-based, to keep your hair set and straight. Silicone-based serums act as sealants that give your hair a soft, hydrophobic barrier that stops water molecules from ruining your hairdo.

6. Stay away from water

Yes. The water is strengthened hair’s most dangerous foe. It can revert everything (your hair) to its primitive state. Like an overpowered main character, water will render your efforts and money useless if it contacts your hair. This is mostly true for people who use a temporary straightening method. Permanently straightened hair will fare better, but avoid water as much as possible. Avoidance will keep your hair smooth and shiny for a long time without retching. Only follow a professional’s tips whenever you want to clean your hair.

7. Wrap your hair

To prevent your hair from tangling all over again, wrap it up before going to bed. You can also choose to wear a hair cap before you sleep. This step will reduce friction between your hair and your bed or pillows.


Use a temporary straightening method if you only plan to rock a straight style for a particular occasion. Permanent hair straightening should be handled by professionals who know the correct amount of heat and chemicals to apply to hair.


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